Career & Life Vision

A critical component of Career Services' mission focusing on the value of self-exploration and meaningful work, the Career and Life Vision program is designed to help students answer the question, "What matters most to me and why?" The program encourages each student to ask questions, challenge assumptions and explore unconventional paths during their time at Princeton and afterwards to discover their unique vision of what a happy and meaningful life looks like for them. 

Introduced in the winter of 2014, the Career and Life Vision program has helped students select majors and courses of study, find extracurricular activities, determine their post-graduation plans and more. 

Career and Life Vision workshop

Led by Executive Director of Career Services Pulin Sanghvi, all students are encouraged to attend this workshop which uses exercises and small group interactions to help you articulate your values, beliefs and purpose. You will leave with a new understanding of yourself and inspiration to follow the path most consistent with your unique vision of a happy and meaningful career and life. Check the events section of our homepage for a list of upcoming workshops.

Career and Life Vision follow-up advising appointment

These appointments build upon the reflection and self-exploration in the Career and Life Vision workshop. You'll meet with a counselor to develop a unique plan for your time at Princeton and afterwards based on your values, interests and skills. Attending a Career and Life Vision workshop is required before scheduling this type of appointment.