Present Career Education Programs

Present Career Education Programs

Employers have a wealth of career guidance to provide to students, and we are delighted when organizations share their expertise. There are several ways that your organization can partner with Career Services to assist Princeton students immersed in the career development process. 

Present a Workshop

Workshops are educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Here, they can learn about career paths, or bolster industry or career development skills such as job search strategies or interviewing skills. Workshops should offer general information that students can transfer to a variety of organizations — not information specific to your particular organization. 

  • Employer benefits: Become an integrated part of the career development process for Princeton students.
  • Schedule a workshop: Please email

Become an Employer in Residence

During these half-day programs, alumni and employers meet individually with students for 20-30 minutes and offer career advice. These sessions take the form of an informational interview in which you can talk about your career path, share career advice or provide resume critiques.

  • Employer benefits: You'll meet Princeton students and your organization's name will be featured in promotional materials and on our website.
  • Schedule an employer-in-residence session: Please email

Identify Alumni Mentors or Princeternship Hosts

If you have Princeton alumni at your organization, encourage them to reach out to Career Services to mentor a current student, or provide a Princeternship experience.