On-Campus Recruiting Calendar

To ensure that all students have the opportunity to attend information sessions and interviews, you may want to consult an interfaith calendar for religious days that are commonly observed. 

Recruiting Calendar 2014-15  


Fall OCR positions posted on Tiger Tracks and visible to all students


First day of classes;  Information Sessions for full-time positions begin


#HireTigers Meetup Event with the following industries: nonprofit, arts, entertainment, communicatiions, marketing, advertising, publishing, manufacturing, business, and start-up.


On-campus interviews begins

9-25  to  9-26

Rosh Hashanah (religious observance)

10-3  to  10-4

Yom Kippur (religious observance)


Science and Technology Fair  (interviews ARE hosted this day)

10-20  to  10-24

Mid-term exams  (interviews ARE hosted during this time)

10-25  to  11- 2

Fall recess  (no on-campus recruiting activities)

11- 3

Full-time interviews resume; Information sessions begin for spring recruiting

11-25  to 11-30

Thanksgiving Break ( no on-campus recruiting activities)


12- 2  to 12-4

Employer in Residence


Fall on-campus recruiting ends

12-15 to 1-30

Winter break  (no on-campus recruiting activities)

1-5 to 1- 13

Reading period  (no on-campus recruiting activities)

1-14 to 1-24

Fall term examinations  ( no on-campus recruiting activities)

1-26 to 1-30

Intercession break  (no on-campus recruiting activities)


First day of class; on-campus recruiting begins

3-9  to 3-13

Mid-terms begin  (interviews ARE hosted during this time)

3-14  to 3-22

Spring recess  (no on-campus recruiting activities)


Classes resume; recruiting activities resume


On-campus recruiting ends