Manage On-Campus Recruitment with HireTigers

HireTigers powered by Handshake is where you can register for on-campus recruiting, request dates and times for interviews and information sessions, post open positions, schedule interviews with students and manage your interview schedules.

Setting Up Your HireTigers Account

For instructions on how to register and post jobs, events and opportunities into the system, please consult this guide or visit:

Setting Up Your Interview Schedule

Interview schedules are attached to positions by Career Services staff AFTER your job descriptions are posted. The standard, 30-minute schedule will be attached unless you request otherwise. Please email if you need to schedule back-to-back interview blocks for each student, or if you would like to schedule your interviews with different time slots.

Student Interview Logistics

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for students to apply is 2 weeks before the on-campus interview.

Selecting Students for Interviews

  • You will have 4 business days to review applications and select students whom you would like to interview.
  • You will need to indicate either "interview," "alternate" or "decline" for each student in the decision field. Please do not leave the field as "undecided." 
  • Students selected for an interview will then receive notification to sign up for an interview time. Students you have designated as "alternate" will be able to sign up 3 days before the interview date.
  • You will be able to see your schedule in HireTigers as students sign up, and the schedule should be finalized the day before your interviews. 

Please contact if you need assistance with scheduling on-campus recruiting efforts.