Credentials File Service for Letters of Recommendation

Credentials File Service

Departmental faculty members are often approached by students in search of recommendations for various career programs, student experiences or education-related initiatives. To make the process easier and more streamlined, the Career Services team is here to assist with the management of that process.

A Centralized Place for Recommendations

Career Services maintains letters of recommendation and sends them out upon request from our Credentials File Service. A file consolidates the process of providing each school with recommendations from faculty members, teaching assistants and other members of the Princeton community. 

Managing Multiple Applications

It is not uncommon for students to apply to multiple institutions, or require multiple recommendations for different purposes. In addition, undergraduates who will apply in future years find it useful to have letters saved on file while they are still at Princeton. Career files prevent confusion and simplify the process for students and faculty alike. These files are confidential and managed by Career Services. 

Submitting Letters and Waivers

  • A student will ask you to sign a waiver so that your letter can be included in his or her file. 
  • Feel free to compose the letter on your own department's letterhead, and be sure to include the waiver with your letter. 
  • Letters may be submitted to Career Services through campus mail, or an addressed, stamped envelope.
  • Students are responsible for communicating any school-specific requirements, such as letters in sealed envelopes to be sent with application materials, which is increasingly less common.

Information for Students

Students can learn more about the Credentials File Service in the graduate school planning section of our website.