Learn about the on-campus recruiting program

What is on-campus recruiting? 

On-campus recruiting gives students the opportunity to attend information sessions and interviews for internships and full-time positions without leaving campus. Information sessions are held throughout campus while most interviews are held in the Office of Career Services (above the U-Store).    

Who can participate?

All undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate. Organizations and employers with both internships and full-time positions come to campus to recruit. Before participating, please acknowledge you have read and understand the recruiting and offer policies

How do I find information sessions and internship/job postings that are part of the on-campus recruiting program?

Listing of the information sessions and internship/job postings can be found in preceding links. Not all internship/job postings listed in Handshake are part of the on-campus recruiting program. Full-time positions will be posted on Sept. 1, 2016 and internships will be posted on Sept. 19, 2016.    

Where can I learn more?

Visit our on-campus recruitingtips for preparing for on-campus interviews and  the community standards for recruiting for more information pages for more information. Details about information sessions and individual postings can be found in Handshake. If you have any questions, please contact Satomi Chudasama, associate director for recruitment and employer relations at Career Services or schedule an appointment with a career adviser in Handshake. 

On-campus recruiting calendar for 2016-17

  • Sept. 1: First day to view positions posted by employers in Handshake who will be participating in on-campus recruiting.
  • Sept. 14: First day of classes; information sessions for full-time positions begin.
  • Sept. 19: Internships posted in Handshake.
  • Sept. 22: Diversity Meetup - the first-ever Diversity Meetup will bring together students, employers and alumni for conversations about programs and practices that support and encourage diversity in the workplace. This event is for all undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Sept. 23: HireTigers Meetup - multi-industry recruiting and networking event for all undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Sept. 26: On-campus interviews for full-time positions begin; Information sessions for internships begin.
  • Oct. 5: On-campus interviews for internship postings begin.
  • Oct. 14: Science and Technology Fair (interviews hosted this day).
  • Oct. 24-28: Midterm exams (on-campus recruiting activities will NOT be held during this time).
  • Oct. 31-Nov. 4: Fall recess (on-campus recruiting activities will NOT be held during this time).
  • Nov. 18: Full-time position offer deadline for full-time return offers from previous summer internship.
  • Nov. 22-25: Thanksgiving Break (no on-campus recruiting activities).
  • Dec. 7Fall on-campus recruiting ends.
  • Dec. 9: Internship and full-time offer deadline for students participating in fall on-campus recruiting.