USG to partner with Career Services to bring "career life vision" to Princeton students!

Career Services’ executive director, Pulin Sanghvi, arrived at Princeton a few weeks ago with a strong vision for the department as well as a new philosophical approach to helping students develop what he calls a "career and life vision." He is hoping his approach, aptly named "Career & Life Vision," will become the guiding principle and thought process that fuels all future career management efforts for Princeton students. He has had significant success in launching several programmatic efforts designed around this philosophy—programs which have been described as some of the most powerful tools for strategically managing your career and life. However, bringing a career and life vision emphasis to Career Services will involve much more than programs and workshops. "It will be part of a broader movement at Princeton to help each of our students explore the question, 'What matters most to me, and why?' and carry that question forward into their career decision making," said Sanghvi.

Wintersession 2014To introduce his new philosophy to students, Sanghvi will debut a series of cutting-edge new workshops in partnership with the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) during winter session. Students from the USG recently met with executive director Sanghvi and were inspired to add his program to the course line-up for their new Wintersession pilot. Azza Cohen, a sophomore, is part of the planning team, "The goal of Wintersession is to give students time to teach their favorite things, learn new skills, and build community. I have no doubt that the ‘Career & Life Vision’ workshop will provide students with some much-needed reflection time." Cohen added, "I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Sanghvi and work with him to introduce Princeton students to his program!"

The "Career & Life Vision" workshops will use introspective exercises and small group discussions to help students identify their passions, purpose, values, goals and vision.

Career & Life VisionHere is what previous participants had to say about the program at another institution:

  • "Unquestionably the most thought-provoking, yet practically useful experience I have had (while in school)."
  • "(Gave me the) opportunity to think about the future, life and career in a profound and constructive way." "Goes much beyond career management and is more about what you want in life and (how to) seek what is    important to you."
  • "It invigorates your thinking about yourself. You get to know yourself better and this equips you better for pursuing future goals."

"I am very much looking forward to bringing world-class career and life vision capabilities to the Princeton community," Sanghvi said. "This highly personalized approach to career management is at the core of a new strategic direction for Career Services, which will also include strengthening student-alumni engagement as well as expanding relationships with employers across all industries of interest to our students." While Sanghvi will deliver the introductory "Career & Life Vision" workshops during Wintersession, "every member of our team looks forward to helping our students find meaning and happiness as they personally define it."

To register for the "Career & Life Vision" workshops, please visit the USG's Wintersession website.

By, Eva Kubu