Your Career Action Plan: Sophomore Year

By sophomore year, you know the campus and Princeton environment quite well. On the agenda this year: making some big decisions. One of those is choosing a major; the other is considering a summer internship. Here's how to get started.

Define Your Academic Path

Explore your interests.

There is still time to explore academic interests. Talk with your advisor if you haven’t settled on a major.

Learn more about your strengths.

With one year of college completed, you are in a position to better understand your strengths. To find out how they may map to potential careers, schedule an appointment to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

Deepen involvement in extracurricular activities.

Think about the skills gained from each activity you participated in last year. If you haven’t become involved yet, now’s the time to begin volunteer work and other extracurricular activities. This helps you build skills that future employers or graduate admissions committees find valuable when considering applicants.

Make Career Connections

Meet with us to create a plan and a solid resume.

Your career adviser can help you explore major and career options, review your resume, and develop a personalized plan for your internship search.

Attend career education programs and events.

We offer extensive career-education programs to help you build self-marketing skills and knowledge about a wide range of career fields. This includes career panels and special programs covering a variety of industries and interesting career paths.

Practice interviewing.

Interviewing is a skill that can be enhanced with practice. Check out our events calendar for interview workshops and mock-interview opportunities. 

Audit your online image.

When using social media or other online networking tools, remember that your online persona will shape others’ opinions and perceptions of you — personally and professionally. This becomes more and more important as you advance towards your career. Search for yourself online and see what comes up. Delete anything negative that you have control over, and think of the long-term ramifications when you post. 

Plan for a Successful Internship

Attend the Summer Internship Fair & the All-Princeton Resource Fair for Summer Internships & Funding.

You can meet with employers to learn more about internship programs at individual organizations, as well as campus internships available with a variety of departments.

Apply for internships or externships.

Attend an internship workshop to learn how to search for opportunities. HireTigers and UCAN can facilitate your search.