Grading Policy Letter

If you are applying to graduate or professional school, the Registrar's office routinely sends grading policy information with every transcript. Occasionally, there may also be cases in which you wish to contextualize transcripts requested for a job, internship, fellowship or other application. 

Dean's Letter on Princeton's Grading Policy

The Dean of the College has prepared a letter that explains Princeton’s grading policy in detail so that employers and admission deans can understand the academic records of Princeton students in context. it may be used in the following ways.

  • Attach a PDF: PDF version of the Dean’s letter can easily be copied and attached to any material you wish (e.g., HireTigers, employer websites, online applications).
  • Submit an email request: If needed, you can have the letter sent by email. Just fill out the Grading Policy Letter Request form, and it will be sent by the Office of the Dean of the College to you and the email recipient you specify.
  • Request a mailed letter: The Dean’s grading policy letter can be sent to a designated addressee via the U.S. Mail by the Dean of the College Office. Just fill out the Grading Policy Letter Request form

Have questions?

Please review the website of the Office of the Dean of the College.