Video/Skype Interviews

Tip Sheet for Skype InterviewsVideo interviews may be held at any stage of the interview process in an effort to minimize travel expenses and schedule interviews quickly. In every other respect, you should prepare for a video interview the same way you would for an in-person interview, with a few exceptions.

Strategies for Video Interview Success

Arrive early.

Connect to the pre-determined site for your video interview in advance to familiarize yourself with the connection process. Ask for directions on how to use the technology, even if it seems easy. You want to minimize any technical problems.

Make connections.

Establish eye contact and speak directly into the camera. Convey the same level of enthusiasm and confidence that you would project if the meeting was face to face.

Minimize distractions.

Avoid interruptions and background noise from papers, cell phones or movement. The microphone may be very sensitive. 

Stage your background.

Dress to impress and ensure that the background the interviewer will see is not distracting.