Career & Life Vision

Let's face it - Princeton is a busy place. You don't get much time to reflect on what's important to you, and how our values, skills and interests can translate into meaningful work. That's why this workshop exists - we'll help you explore the possibilities out there and start to develop a unique plan customized for you. After attending the workshop, you can make a follow-up appointment with an adviser to start putting your plan into action.

Career and Life Vision workshop

This is an interactive workshop and you’ll leave with a better understanding of your values, interests and strengths, and a strategy to help you take advantage of your time at Princeton and prepare for what’s next. Find upcoming workshops in Handshake

Career and Life Vision follow-up advising appointment

These appointments build upon the reflection and self-exploration in the Career and Life Vision workshop. You'll meet with an adviser to develop a unique plan for your time at Princeton and afterwards based on your values, interests and skills.