Career Development Process

The career development process is a journey that involves developing and refining your goals. This journey unfolds as you gain knowledge and experiences and it continues throughout your time at Princeton and beyond. In fact, you may repeat this process at various stages of your career.

Start now.

The earlier you begin to focus on your career development, the more prepared you will be to pursue a wide range of options and opportunities.

Discover Your Path IconDiscover Your Path

Your journey on the path to developing a fulfilling future career begins with self- discovery. We can help you assess your skills, strengths, interests, values and personality as you make decisions about majors and careers.

You'll focus on: Identifying your skills & strengths, defining your interests & personality, assessing your values & goals, and crafting your career action plan.


Explore Your Options IconExplore Your Options

Research a variety of career options that might be a good fit by using our wide range of services, online resources and programs. We can also connect you with alumni and employers as you explore industries and fields of interest.

You'll focus on: Exploring majors & careers, researching industries & fields, and making alumni & employer connections.


Find Jobs and Internships IconFind Internships/Jobs

Customize your strategy and search for options in your field of choice. Learn to create targeted resumes, cover letters and online profiles and boost your skills (and confidence) with our workshops and resources on interviewing and networking for success.

You'll focus on: Taking advantage of on-campus recruiting; defining your search strategy; crafting resumes, cover letters & online profiles; and interviewing & networking. 


Further Your Education IconFurther Your Education

If you are considering graduate or professional school, we can advise you regarding applications, personal statements and recommendations while connecting you to departmental faculty who can help you explore potential schools and programs.

You'll focus on: Researching schools & programs, managing applications & essays, seeking letters of recommendation, and managing application timelines.


Launch Your Career IconLaunch Your Career

Enrich your knowledge of the workplace, grow your professional network and develop strategies for transitioning from college to career with our array of tips, educational programs and resources.

You'll focus on: Managing the college-to-career transition, attaining workplace strategies & professional development tips, and planning for career advancement.