Our Mission

We help our students to define a unique vision for their career and life, and connect them in multidimensional, personalized ways to the resources, people, organizations and opportunities that will enable them to make that vision a reality.

Our Vision 

To empower Princetonians to proactively design their careers and lives in ways that help them align with meaningful opportunities across their lifetime.

Making Career Connections

In everything we do, whether within our career center, across campus, the country or the world, the highly dedicated and experienced staff of Career Services strives to:

  • Educate: Offer services, resources and learning-based programs that support the integration of academic and career interests and the development of lifelong career management skills.
  • Engage: Establish and maintain relationships first and foremost with our students, but also with employers, graduate and professional schools and alumni to facilitate their connection to our students.
  • Empower: Collaborate with our many constituents and stakeholders to provide a broad range of meaningful opportunities and experiences for students that build confidence and clarity, and ultimately begin careers.