Reporting and War

Mr. Michael Phillips *87 of The Wall Street Journal will recount his career as a reporter covering U.S. ground war in Afghanistan, the Iraq invasion in 2003, the aftermath of wars and post-traumatic stress, suicide, and other issues facing families and military families.

--Dinner will be provided.

The Writing Life

Mr. Charles Robbins 85 always knew he wanted to be a book writer, but began his career as a political reporter, columnist and editor. Even if you arent thinking about writing as a career right out of school, come to this event to learn about Robbins amazing journey from politics to writing and see how he has made writing an alternate profession in a later stage of life.

Housing Finance Reform and Baseball: The long journey toward legislation, the short one to the ballpark

Dr. Edward Golding will be discussing his work
at the Department of Housing and Urban
Development, as well as discussing housing
finance reform. Following his talk, at 6:15 PM,
Dr. Golding will take students to a Nationals
baseball game against the Phillies. In order to
receive a complimentary ticket, you must
attend the talk to be able to go to the game.


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