Join John Weeren, director of PrincetonWrites, and Amy Pszczolkowski, graduate student career counselor, in a safe and supportive environment to build upon your public speaking skills. In this fun and interactive session, everyone will have an opportunity to practice and learn from one another, developing verbal fluency and confidence through collective feedback. Please bring a lunch and we'll provide the dessert. Please RSVP.

Women in STEM: The Do's and Don'ts of Pursuing STEM Careers

A panel of women representing academia and industry will share their insights and experiences as they pursued their careers in STEM fields, as well as hiring women with STEM backgrounds. The panel will discuss the various opportunties you have to make the best impression during the job search process. They will also cover career advancement strategies. Panel includes: Diana H.

ETS Site Visit for Graduate Students

Graduate students exploring non-academic jobs will meet with ETS professionals who will describe the application and recruitment process and also with 3-4 Research & Development staff who will talk about job opportunities in R & D. Students are encouraged to visit the ETS Research website and careers site. Jobs in R & D fall under the following categories: Psychometrics/Educational Measurement/Data Analysis; Research & Development; and Test Development. Space is limited to 15 graduate students.

Marketing Yourself During the Job/Internship Search - For International Students

Every student has strengths, accomplishments and areas of expertise. The key is being able to package and communicate in a way that positions you effectively for jobs in the U.S. Learn from the founder and owner of Princeton Public Speaking about his secrets for success, specifically for international students, in identifying and communicating your skills for the U.S. job market.

Introduction to Public Speaking: A Professional Development Opportunity for Graduate Students

Public speaking takes many forms - from lectures and job talks to introductions and elevator pitches - but long or short, academic or non-academic, every oral presentation must meet certain criteria if the speaker's message is to resonate. Good ideas that are poorly articulated will not command respect; sound arguments that are delivered haltingly will not prove persuasive.

Out in the Job/Internship Search

Should you come out during or after the job interview? How do you evaluate a company to know if it is LGBTQA friendly? If you are involved with LHBTQA activities, do you list them on your resume? Join Career Services and LGBT Center staff to discuss issues related to coming out professionally. Lunch provided. Sponsored by the Office of Career Services and the LGBT Center.


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