Develop Your Search Strategy

Applying basic marketing principles to your job search can go a long way in driving success. Think of yourself as a unique product. Then use market analysis, planning and implementation to develop your very own customized search strategy. 

Craft Your Marketing Plan

Determine your market.

  • Define interests. Use industry research and self-assessment to target job functions, industries and geographic areas.
  • Examine requirements. Review job descriptions and details about the organization to develop a list of desirable skills and characteristics. 

Develop your marketing tools.

  • Match skills to needs. Compare the needs and requirements of employers to your own background and qualifications.
  • Define key selling points. These skills and experiences should take center stage in your resume and cover letter(s). 
  • Complete online profiles. Promote your skills, interest and accomplishments on job boards and social platforms.
  • Seek recommendations. Reach out to former professors or employers who can speak to your work ethic and abilities. 
  • Showcase your work. For certain industries, it may be necessary to develop a professional portfolio with work samples.

Identify opportunities and contacts.

  • Be creative. Use a variety of techniques to mine opportunities.
  • Ask for help. Develop contacts within the field who can assist you.
  • Explore openings: 
    • Search our HireTigers system
    • Other online job and internship posting sites
    • Search LinkedIn for opportunities in your field
    • Professional association publications, trade or business journals, newspapers
    • Visit individual organizations' websites, career sites, and online application systems
  • Mine the hidden market. Up to 80 percent of openings are unadvertised. Network with alumni and others.

Refine your presentation skills.

  • Plan your introduction. Learn to introduce yourself and interview with confidence.
  • Practice. Take advantage of mock interviews offered through Career Services.

Design an action plan and measure your results.

  • Stay on track. Establish weekly goals for your job search activity.
  • Be organized. Keep a record of contacts and follow-up dates.