Considering Options & Networking

Considering Options and Networking

Especially during periods of career transition, networking is one of the most powerful career development strategies. Here are some proven ways to approach it.

Why Networking Matters

Networking is perhaps the most effective way to find a job. Use it to:

  • Grow your network. Sustain contacts that can help you advance your career interests.
  • Market yourself. Showcase your skills to potential employers and other professionals.
  • Survey the field. Learn more about career options, industry trends and organizations.
  • Find potential jobs. Identify employment opportunities.

Find Contacts

The great thing about building your network is that you already have one. Here's how to grow your roster of professional contacts.

Start with people you know.

Possible guides in your job search are all around you. Let them know what you’re looking for and be as specific as possible. Look to:

  • Colleagues
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Past professors and teachers
  • Former coaches
  • Work supervisors
  • Neighbors

Find other alumni.

As a Princeton alumnus, you have an incredible resource around the world in the form of thousands of other alumni. Find them and connect through:

  • TigerNet: This searchable directory allows you to look up classmates and other fellow Princetonians by performing a variety of customized searches. You will also find career-focused discussion groups.
  • LinkedIn Alumni Search Tools: The University has a very active alumni network. Look for "Find Alumni" under Network when you log in. 

Research events & associations.

Conferences and career fairs are ideal networking events. You may be able to find job leads, and meet people who will talk with you about the industry or profession. Professional associations are also a good way of exploring your options and making contacts.