Credential Assembly Service

You must register to use the Credential Assembly Services (CAS) when applying to any U.S. ABA-approved law school. (Law schools in Canada do not require use of the CAS.) You may register for the CAS at the time you register for the LSAT, or you may wait and do so several months prior to your application to law schools.

The Role of CAS

CAS provides a standardized analysis of your transcript(s) to the law schools. This report contains:

  • Your LSAT score
  • A copy of the written essay (which is not scored)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Your transcript(s)

How You Will Use It

  • Letters of Recommendation: You will have to use the CAS for your letters of recommendation when applying to law schools.
  • Application Materials: Once your application is complete, the law school will contact LSAC and ask for your report to be sent. A fee per report will be charged to your account. Read the LSAC website information completely for instructions on using your CAS account.
  • Transcripts: Once you have registered with CAS, you must have the registrar’s office send one official transcript. The transcript request form is bar-coded to ensure timely processing of your transcript once received by LSAC. (Do not send your transcript yourself — it will not be accepted by LSAC. It must come from the registrar’s office.) Do not wait until you apply to law schools to have your transcript sent. It can take several weeks for processing at LSAC, so take care of this application detail early.