Take a Ph.D. to Work


Want to meet talented Ph.D.'s and build connections with the Princeton University community? Volunteer to help students investigate a career field and make connections by a Ph.D. candidate for one or two days for job shadowing in an office or laboratory setting as part of our Take a Ph.D. to Work program. Hosts will provide site tours, invite students to observe meetings and to give an overview of a typical day in the industry or organization.  

One of Princeton University's most diverse and talented pool of candidates for employers is often it's most overlooked - Ph.D.'s. A Ph.D. program is a job, and candidates and recent graduates essentially have more than four years of experience with transferable skills

How to participate

Employers interested in participating are invited to register with Career Services and coordinate visit dates and time with students directly after an introduction from the project coordinators. Career Services will provide a virtual information session for hosts before the visit and will assist in the coordination of the visit and scheduling.  

Employers will be invited to a mixer at the end of the project month where students will share their experiences.

Questions? Contact Susanne Killian, senior associate director of graduate student career development, to learn more about the program.

The Take a Ph.D. to Work project is supported by the Office of Career Services and developed by Princeton graduate students aiming to provide Ph.D. students with the opportunity to explore multiple career paths and provide on-site exploration and networking opportunities in multiple fields.