Fall 2017

Message from the Interim Executive Director

Dear Employer Partners,

Welcome to the 2017-18 academic year and recruiting season! We are looking forward to working closely with your organization to provide meaningful professional development, experiential and employment opportunities for Princeton students -- and help you meet your talent acquisition goals.

This fall, we are excited to launch several new and expanded initiatives to forge stronger ties with alumni and employers. We are building a Tiger Career Community of advocates for students, and are excited to invite alumni working within your organization back to campus to share information about their career journey and provide advice for current students

We are thrilled to announce we are expanding your organization’s recruiting capacity by including Princeton’s postdocs and faculty spouse/partners in our Handshake platform. While on-campus interviews are reserved for current undergraduate and graduate students, these additional candidates will be able to view and apply for opportunities you designate for alumni or experienced professionals.

Please note that we have a new welcome and check-in process for employers and alumni visiting with us. For more information about our office and our students, we invite your to read our latest annual report.

As always, we thank you for your partnership and welcome your suggestions and feedback regarding ways we can work together in the coming year!

With gratitude,  

Eva Kubu, Interim Executive Director, Office of Career Services


Q&A with Anne Degnan

If you've ever registered for a Meetup or come to campus to recruit, you've likely met and/or spoken with Anne Degnan, employer engagement coordinator. Read on to get to know Anne a bit better through this brief interview.     

Q: How long have you been working at Princeton Career Services?
A: I’ve worked 10 years in Career Services. I started at Princeton University in human resources and worked for three years as a staffing specialist prior to working in the Office of Career Services.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about working with employers?
A: Princeton is such a unique place—I love talking to employers about Princeton’s academic schedule, concentrations, extracurricular activities, and especially our students!

Q: What is your favorite on-campus recruiting memory or fun fact?
A: The first time we had our Fall Meetup in a tent was crazy and exciting. I love that we (almost) have all the logistics perfected!

Q: Who is Anne Degnan outside of work?
A: I am the proud Mom of a 24 and 21-year-old. It’s been fun watching their career journeys. My husband and I recently moved to the town of Princeton so I can walk to work every day! 


2017-18 On-campus Recruiting at Princeton

Need a refresher on our policies or calendar? Still need to register for the upcoming semester? Here's the information you're looking for.


Register for the Fall HireTigers Meetup

The largest recruiting event of the year, this Meetup brings employers, Princeton students and alumni together for networking, recruiting and industry education. Learn more about the Meetup, available sponsorship opportunities and register by Wed., Sept. 6. 

Student spotlight: Emily Chen, Class of 2018

Emily, who spent her summer as an associate intern at Novantas in New York, shares a little about her experience.  

Q: What did you do at the internship?
A: As an intern, I was staffed on a project focused on finding new growth opportunities for our client. Most of my daily activities revolved around working through the client's data: Finding workarounds for missing information, breaking down their customer data into segments, comparing their performance against the market/industry potential, etc. I also visualized our analyses and produced the results for meetings with the client.

Q: What are some of the takeaways or lessons from your internship (whether about the internship, your career plans, what you want to study, etc.)?
A: I've learned a lot about data analysis in the real world, whether that means working with incomplete datasets or translating quantitative conclusions into qualitative results. Beyond that, it also strengthened my interest in consulting, since I really enjoyed working with others and addressing new questions every day.

Q: Can you describe your favorite moment from the experience?
A: My favorite moment was probably seeing a couple of my slides presented to the client - definitely a very satisfying feeling!


Partner spotlight: Santiago Barona

A quick conversation with Santiago Barona, a software engineer at Bloomberg who graduated from Princeton in 2014 with a masters in finance. 

Q: What is your favorite employer event at Princeton?
A: The fall Meetup is my personal favorite. The outdoor tents give it an air of informality, and students are brimming with energy, probably because the crushing weight of the semester's problem sets and papers has not made itself felt yet.

Q: What do you like about recruiting at Princeton?
A: It charges me up to speak with so many brilliant and plugged-in tigers. It leaves me wanting to hire them all.

Q: What is the process of selecting a student like for you? 
A: We make contact with students at Meetups, our on-campus coding competition (CodeCon), and various events with partners such as the ACM and the Open Source Club. After that, we conduct three rounds of interviews and soon thereafter send students an offer.

Q: Is there a unique value you feel this student—or Princeton students in general—bring to the positions within your organization?
A: It goes without saying that we look for smart, hard-working, adaptable students, of which Princeton has plenty. However, Princetonians invariably excel in another dimension: they are never obnoxious.