Winter 2017

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The largest recruiting event in the spring, this Meetup brings employers, Princeton students and alumni together for networking, recruiting and industry education. Learn more about the Meetup, available sponsorship opportunities and register by Monday, Feb. 6.  

Q&A with Seeta Hayban

If you've ever come to our campus, arranged an interview schedule or booked an information session, you've likely met and/or spoken with Seeta Hayban, employer relations and recruiting manager. Read on to get to know Seeta a bit better through this brief interview.     

Q: How long have you been working at Princeton Career Services?
A: I have been working here for more than twelve years, and with the employer relations team for the past seven years. Prior to my current role, I was the front desk assistant for five years, helping our staff and answering question from students, faculty and people outside of the University. I also managed students’ credential files.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about working with employers?
A: I enjoy every aspect of working with the employers, however, I find it especially fulfilling to help smaller organizations and those recruiting for the first time here reach their goals. I’m always delighted to welcome people back to campus to recruit our students. It is a great pleasure to interact with interviewers who come year after year and we all remember each other.

Q: What is your favorite on-campus recruiting memory or fun fact?
A: My favorite memory is one of helping a student with their search. He was having difficulties with his interviews and after having a conversation with him, I referred him to a career adviser. A little more than a year later he returned for Reunions and stopped by my office to let me know he landed a job and it was a great fit for him!

Q: Who is Seeta Hayban outside of work?
A: I am originally from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and have been living in the United States for over fifteen years. I love going to the gym, and when I’m not there lately I’ve been busy planning my daughter’s wedding.


Coming soon: Our 2017-18 calendar

The 2017-18 on-campus recruiting calendar will be released in April. Be on the lookout for an update from us soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about recruiting at Princeton, check out our employer website


Employer feedback

We’d like to learn more about trends in recruiting and how we can better work with employers. Our question for this issue of the Scoop: How is your organization using social recruiting methods? 


Partner spotlight: APPRISE

Jacqueline Berger *96, president of APPRISE, shares a little about her organization's experience recruiting at Princeton.  

Q: What does APPRISE do?
A: APPRISE is a nonprofit research institute dedicated to collecting and analyzing data and information to assess and improve public programs. Our work includes process and impact evaluation, data tracking and survey research, needs assessment, economic and policy analysis, performance measurement and technical assistance. APPRISE research focuses on programs that provide energy bill payment assistance, energy education, and energy efficiency services to low-income households; and programs that provide incentives for undertaking energy efficiency projects to residential, commercial and industrial utility customers.

Q: What is your favorite employer event at Princeton?
A: The event that we enjoy most is the HireTigers Meetup because it gave us the opportunity to interact with many undergraduate and graduate students, discuss their career interests and explain job opportunities that are available at APPRISE.

Q: What do you like about recruiting at Princeton?
A: Many students at Princeton are well-prepared and well-suited for work at APPRISE. The founders of APPRISE are actually Princeton alumni; I received my Ph.D. in economics in 1996 and David Carroll received his MPA at the Woodrow Wilson School in 1984. APPRISE has hired several Princeton undergraduate and graduate alumni.


Partner spotlight: Venture for America

A quick conversation with Madeleine Stanley, talent associate with Venture for America. 

Q: What does Venture for America do? 
A: Venture for America is a nonprofit fellowship program empowering recent college graduates to launch their careers as entrepreneurs and revitalize American cities. After five weeks of training, VFA Fellows spend two years working for a startup in a U.S. city with an emerging startup ecosystem. Throughout the fellowship, they learn how to contribute to a high-growth business and gain access to mentorship, ongoing training, and the nationwide VFA community. When Fellows and alumni are ready to build companies of their own, VFA provides the resources they need to become entrepreneurs.

Q: What is your favorite employer event at Princeton?
A: We love the Startup Meetup. Startups are such an integral part of what we do, so we find that the students we meet at this Meetup are the most invested and interested in our mission, and often have ideas of starting their own ventures, which I always love inquiring about.

Q: What do you like about recruiting at Princeton?
A: One of the most notable things I've found when working with Princeton students is their sincere passion for what they are pursuing, whether it be VFA or another path. They are consistently impressing me with all that they have accomplished thus far in life, and it is a genuine pleasure to work with them.