Business Etiquette in Japan

March 24, 2016 -
4:30pm to 5:30pm

Are you planning to intern or study in Japan this summer? Or, are you interested in working there in the future? Attend this highly interactive, hands-on training session presented by a business etiquette instructor from Japan who will teach you about cultural norms and the Japan business environment.

The presenter, Michiko Yamashina, is an associate professor at Saitama Women’s Junior College. She obtained a Master of Education from The College of New Jersey, and a Bachelor of Arts in French literature from Keio University. She was a human resources officer for a Japan Airlines subsidiary and provided business etiquette training to new employees. After spending five years in Paris, France, and another five in San Jose, California, she returned to Tokyo, where she taught business etiquette at several colleges. She is a certified teacher in Service and Business Manners.

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