Career Exploration for Grad Students: Resume/Cover Letter Lab

March 8, 2017 -
3:00pm to 5:00pm

Graduate Students: Stuck in your search for a future career? Curious how to start exploring possible careers? Drop by our weekly Career Labs for some motivation and assistance. 

This session covers how to develop an industry resume, CV and cover letter. Students will receive 1-on-1 assistance as well as self and group critique. Students will leave this lab with a better understanding of the industry resume and cover letter specifically tailored to their career aspirations. 

Each Lab will include 15 minutes of initial instruction, tips and information to get you started. The rest of the lab will offer students time to work, receive one-on-one assistance, collaborate and practice.  

About the Career Lab series for graduate students:

A Career Lab is a career-focused community of students who gather for expert career advice, helpful critiques and suggestions from career professionals and peers, practice and on-demand assistance. Students will leave with improved skills, next steps and actionable goals relating to their career search. Depending on the lab students may also create and refine documents, LinkedIn pages and websites. The last Lab of each month is the GradSpeak program.

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