Career & Life Vision (during Reunions)

Career & Life Vision (during Reunions)
May 29, 2014 -
1:00pm to 5:00pm

Open to students and alumni. A highly personalized approach to career management is at the core of the new strategic direction for Career Services. This workshop, led by the new executive director of Career Services, Pulin Sanghvi, offers a powerful set of concepts, frameworks and reflections to help you discover new insights about yourself and what matters most to you. The workshops leverages frame-shifting concepts, introspective exercises and small group interactions to help you articulate your values, beliefs, purposes and vision for the future. You will leave with a new understanding of yourself and inspiration to follow the path most consistent with your unique vision of a happy and meaningful life. (Offered as part of the Reunions 2014 program. For more information visit http://

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