How to Network in College

April 10, 2016 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm

Isaac Serwanga '13, author of "How to Network in College", will provide practical guidance on the importance of networking while in college. Isaac will address important questions:

• What is networking and why do I need to start now?
• How do I build my network effectively?
• How can I find the perfect mentor?
• How do I create my own opportunities?

Isaac Serwanga is an educational consultant, speaker, and author of the upcoming book "How to Network in College". ln 2015, lsaac drew from his experiences as an athletic administrator and former three-sport varsity Princeton athlete to co-found Profound lvy, a mentorship program geared towards the academic, career, and leadership development of minority student athletes.

lsaac graduated from Princeton University in 2013 and has remained a significant contributor to the Princeton community both as a colleague and a mentor. His passion is evident in his efforts to provide young people with the information and the inspiration necessary to fulfill their highest potential.

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