Pathways with a Ph.D.: Careers in Data

October 19, 2017 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm

Big Data is always in the news, referring to utilizing large data sets to develop a deep understanding of insights in various fields. Data scientists (may of whom are Ph.D.'s) are employed in many types of organizations including government agencies, private companies and nonprofits.

If you are interested in analyzing large quantitative data sets, designing and administering databases, and/or developing coding for data analysis, a career in data science may be for you. Join us for this panel where you can ask questions and network with those in the field of data science.


Panelists: Emily Hacklet, Ph.D. - Sr. Program Director, Data Scientist, Insight Data Emily completed a bachelors in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT and a Ph.D. in Psychology at UC Davis. After participating in the Insight Fellowship program in the summer of 2016, Emily has been working at Insight to help Ph.D.'s transition into data science roles in industry.

Matt Weber, Ph.D. - Data Scientist, Bloomberg, LP Matt graduated from Princeton in 2009 with a Ph.D. in psychology and neuroscience. After several years of a postdoc and a brief faculty stint, he left academia to join a digital health startup as a data scientist and software developer. He is now a data scientist in the Princeton office of Bloomberg LP.

Eliot Feibush - Visualization Scientist, Princeton University Eliot works with researchers to explore and communicate data primarily from experiments and simulations. Visualization is effective for investigating large amounts of multi-dimensional data. He also teaches workshops in Python programming and visualization techniques.

Tess Jeffers - Data Scientist, Schireson Associates Tess graduated from Princeton in August, 2016 with her PhD in Quantitative and Computational Biology. She was a Data Science Fellow at Insight Data Science in NYC, a fellowship program dedicated to helping PhDs transition from academia to industry. She is currently a consultant on the data science team at Schireson Associates, a strategy consulting firm in New York City.

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