Tech Talk by AppNexus: Data Science Engineering @ AppNexus: Floor Optimization with Mark Ha (’13)

November 12, 2015 -
5:00pm to 6:00pm

AppNexus runs an average of over 1 million auctions per second. Floor Optimization is a project that, for each auction, returns a floor price optimized via machine learning algorithms, in order to maximize revenue for publishers on our platform. During this talk, Mark will dive into the novel architecture of the system, as well as some of the design decisions that led AppNexus to build a lower latency pipeline for higher impact. A little bit about AppNexus...
AppNexus is the world’s largest independent ad tech company and we exist to create a better Internet. In order to realize this mission, we’ve set our sights on building technology that can make digital advertising better, since ads are the very circulatory system of the Internet. They fund most of the great content we’re used to getting for free—from music, journalism, and film to games and instant information. Be sure to check out what our campus hires and interns are saying about AppNexus via


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