Welcome, Family

Parents photo courtesy of Princeton University Office of Communications

Throughout your student's years at Princeton, they will be engaged in the career development process — whether they think of it that way or not. As a family member, you are an essential part of their network, offering insight, advice and support during this time of academic and career exploration. This area of the site presents ways to introduce them to the process and assist them throughout.

Fostering Career Achievement

From exploration tools to things to consider as your student begins to define their personal direction, we hope that you find these resources valuable. The career planning process has changed over the years, but the value of family support can never be overstated. We provide guidance on how to:

  • Introduce the career development process and how to approach it
  • Reinforce your student's individual decision-making and help them narrow their options
  • Present career insight and support, from networking to brainstorming
  • Encourage engagement with Princeton's numerous career planning resources

Career Services is here to help.

Parents are part of the Princeton family. Career Services is here to help you support your student's career development.