Academic Job Search Toolkit

In some ways, applying for an academic position is like applying for any other job — with important differences. The resources here will help you prepare.

Know Your Field

As you look for faculty, postdoc, teaching or other academic positions, begin by consulting faculty in your discipline. It is important to conform to your field's application expectations. CV requirements, for example, can vary widely. 

Understand Application Materials

Once you know the parameters, it's time to prepare your materials. These may include:

  • CV: Highlights your academic background, skills and accomplishments
  • Cover letter: Establishes your interest and credentials relative to the position
  • Statement of research: Shows how you plan to continue your academic research
  • Statement of teaching philosophy: Expresses who you are in the classroom 
  • Recommendation letters: Reinforces your abilities from an outside perspective 

We can help.

The Academic Job Search Handbook, available in the Career Services office, is an excellent — and well-regarded — resource on the academic job application process.

You can also schedule a 30-minute individual appointment with Susanne Killian, senior associate director of graduate student career development. We are here to review your CV, cover letter, teaching philosophy statement or other documents as you prepare.