Sample CV Headings

Your CV can be arranged in many ways to highlight the most job-relevant aspects of your background or experience. It's all about matching the document to your goals.

Common CV Categories

Below are many of the most common CV categories. However, always defer to your department's format, as each field is unique.


Begin with degrees in progress or most recently earned.

  • College and university degrees
  • Comprehensive areas
  • Course highlights


    • Doctoral dissertation
    • Master's Thesis
    • Course highlights

Honors and Awards

If the list is extensive, choose top awards and list them under “Selected Honors and Awards”.

  • Academic awards
  • Distinctions
  • Fellowships
  • Grants
  • Honors and awards

Research experience

In reverse chronological order, include your title, department, university, city, state and dates (years only). Describe activities using specific action verbs. If describing your dissertation, include a brief overview of impact. For other research projects, refer to accomplishments.

Teaching experience

In reverse chronological order, include your position title, department, university, city, state and dates. Include the course title, level, number of students and responsibilities (lectured, prepared syllabus, graded exams, etc.). 


Include those that are authored or co-authored. Use discipline-specific bibliographic citations. It is acceptable to list those "as submitted" or "in preparation," but only do so if you have others published. 

  • Publications
  • Arrangements / scores
  • Articles / monographs / reviews
  • Exhibits / exhibitions
  • Professional papers


  • Conference presentations
  • Convention addresses
  • Workshop presentations

General experience

  • Administrative experience
  • Consulting experience
  • Professional experience
  • Related experience

International experience

  • Foreign study
  • Travel abroad

Professional Affiliations

  • Professional Associations
  • Other affiliations


List each reference's name, title, department, university, location, email address, address and phone number.

A Note on Competencies

Depending on your personal background, you may wish to include additional headings to highlight your relevant experience.

  • Languages
  • Areas of expertise
  • Committee leadership
  • Departmental leadership
  • Faculty leadership
  • Professional activities
  • Professional competancies
  • Research interests
  • Teaching interests