Letters of Recommendation

When you are pursuing a position within the academy, standout recommendations letters can go a long way towards piquing the interest of a search committee.

Choose Writers Wisely

Select letters from the three or four faculty who can speak most directly about your skills and experience. It is important that they relate it to the specific positions for which you are applying. Reach out to those you know can offer a good recommendation, and use those that are most appropriate to a given position.

Provide supporting documents.

For writers to provide the best possible recommendation, it is important that they:

  • Know your goals: Make sure writers understand the positions to which you are applying.
  • Have your CV: This will prevent them from making guesses when they are writing.
  • Lend perspective: If strong teaching ability is required, provide your student evaluations to lend context.
  • Know your style: It is helpful if they have observed your teaching and can speak to it personally. 


Stay in Contact

Keep your writers informed throughout your search. You don't want them to be caught off guard when they receive a phone call from a member of a search committee.