Applying for Faculty Positions

Faculty Positions

Faculty positions can vary from place to place. Typically, however, they involve teaching, curriculum development and research at colleges or universities. These jobs are both collaborative and independent, drawing on different skills from day to day.

Plan Your Search

Below is a simple guide to help you plan your search. Consult with your academic adviser and Career Services, since the process for each discipline is unique. 

Factor in your dissertation.

Your exact job search timetable will vary depending on how close you are to finishing your dissertation. However, you should ideally plan to begin your search at least a year before completion. Seek balance between looking for a job and completing your dissertation. You will want to have your Ph.D. completed prior to starting a tenure-track position — for most, this is a requirement. 

The Year Prior to Completion


  • Ask your academic adviser and other faculty members for letters of recommendation


  • Update your CV
  • Draft your teaching philosophy statement
  • Draft your statement of research interests
  • Gather your teaching portfolio
  • Have documents reviewed by the McGraw Center, Career Services and your academic adviser
  • Identify resources for finding academic positions in your discipline
  • Continue progress on your dissertation

The Year of Graduate Completion


  • Access job listings for academic positions in your discipline
  • Research schools to prepare letters of application
  • Register for professional conferences in your discipline


  • Practice interviewing (30-minute practice interviews are available through Career Services)
  • Research schools to prepare for interviews
  • Prepare your job talk
  • Attend and interview at professional conference


  • Conduct campus visits
  • Research late postings
  • Prepare for job negotiations

We can help.

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