Web Portfolios

Online Portfolios

A professional online portfolio, or web portfolio, is a website that provides examples of your knowledge, skills and accomplishments, including samples of your work and projects. It helps bring your resume or online profile “to life,” further differentiating you. 

Provide Proof

Stand out from the competition by illustrating your value to employers via tangible evidence of your potential contributions.

During the applicant selection process, a recruiter is looking to discover your unique attributes and abilities. Interview questions are designed to prompt you to provide verbal examples of your accomplishments. Think of your online portfolio as visual “proof” to support that you possess the professional skills employers are looking for.

Steps to Creating Your Web Portfolio

Think of your intended audience.

What are they most interested in learning about you? What skills and accomplishments will be most relevant to your audience?

Create a homepage.

Introduce yourself and your portfolio by creating a summary of who you are and what employers can find on your site. Make it visually appealing by potentially using photos or video.

Choose examples across various mediums.

Showcase academic work and other projects. Create categories of examples to support various skills. Use different formats to illustrate these examples. For example, pdf documents, Powerpoint presentations and videos.

Choose a platform.

There are many potential platforms for hosting your online portfolio, or you can create your own website. Blogging platforms such as Wordpress or Tumblr are popular and easy to use, as is About.me.

Add a portfolio link to your resume and online profiles.

To leverage your online portfolio in all areas of your job search, be sure to include a link to it on all of your marketing materials.