Assessment Tools

Everyone is different when it comes to their interests, strengths, work environment preferences and personality. A career inventory or assessment will help you clarify what those things are for you.

Leverage Your University Benefits

Career Services offers each of the assessments below for small fee, which is significantly less than if you were to take them independently. Not sure which will be most useful? Our career advisers can assist.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

The Strong Interest Inventory helps you discover your interests, preferences and personality style. It identifies themes and specific areas of interest, and compares your interests with those of individuals in a variety of occupations. This can help you identify options to investigate further.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

MBTI helps you identify natural personality preferences that influence how you make decisions, interact with people, gather information and get energized. The MBTI does not measure aptitudes, but helps you better understand yourself: your motivations, strengths and potential areas of growth.

Clifton StrengthsFinder

The StrengthsFinder (part of StrengthsQuest) helps you discover and develop your strengths across 34 talent areas. After taking the assessment online, you will be provided with a report detailing your top five strengths, which can help you achieve academic, career and personal success. A follow-up meeting with a adviser is recommended, wherein you can discuss the results and craft an action plan.