Learn about internship and job recruiting at Princeton

It may seem early, but many organizations begin recruiting for their summer internships and full-time positions in the beginning of the fall semester. While some industries don't begin recruiting until later in the academic year, fall is the busiest period. Below are a few tips and answers to common questions about fall recruiting. If you have any additional questions or want some assistance in developing a plan customized for you, make an appointment with one of our advisers.

Frequently asked questions about recruiting

What is recruiting?

Dozens of organizations participate in internship and full-time recruiting here at Princeton as part of the on-campus recruiting program. Many summer programs for undergraduate and graduate students sponsored by Princeton have fall semester application deadlines too. The largest recruiting event of the year is the Fall HireTigers Meetup, which will take place on Tues., Sept. 19.

What is on-campus recruiting?

On-campus recruiting gives students the opportunity to attend information sessions, employer-led career education programs and interviews for internships and full-time positions without leaving campus. Information sessions are held throughout campus and interviews are held in the Office of Career Services (above the U-Store). Here are some tips on how you can start to prepare now

Who can participate in on-campus recruiting?

All undergraduate and graduate students can participate in the on-campus recruiting program. Before participating, please read our recruiting and offer policies. Please note that in order to be considered for an on-campus interview, you have to apply to its respective position through Handshake and be selected by the employer.

How do I find information sessions and internship/job postings that are part of the on-campus recruiting program?

Information sessions are regularly being added in Handshake, and internship/job postings associated with the on-campus recruiting program will be visible and open for applications beginning Sept. 1, 2017.

Not all internship/job postings listed in Handshake are part of the on-campus recruiting program.

I don't see anything in on-campus recruiting that interests me. Is that all there is?

There's plenty more opportunities! Not all organizations or industries participate in on-campus recruiting and they often post positions and hire closer to start dates than many organizations that come to campus in the fall. Here are a few resources that have opportunities in multiple fields:

How do I get some assistance in coming up with a plan, understanding what opportunities are out there and how to pursue them?

That's EXACTLY what we're here for. Make an appointment to see one of our advisers and check out some upcoming events that may be helpful.  

Where can I learn more about on-campus recruiting?

Visit our on-campus recruiting, tips for preparing for on-campus interviews and community standards for recruiting for more information pages for more information. Details about information sessions and individual postings can be found in Handshake.

If you have any questions, please contact Satomi Chudasama, associate director for employer engagement and recruiting at Career Services or schedule an appointment with a career adviser in Handshake.

What's the difference between the fall and spring sessions of on-campus recruiting?

On-campus recruiting happens in two sessions, mainly corresponding with the academic year. The majority of recruiting for full-time and internships opportunities happens in the fall, though there are multiple opportunities and interviews that take place during the spring.