2014-15 Career Services Annual Report released

The Princeton University Office of Career Services has published its 2014-15 annual report, which includes statistics on the initial employment status and higher education destinations for the Class of 2015. The report also contains information on key Career Services' initiatives and efforts.

A total of 93.5 percent of the Class of 2015 confirmed achieving their post-graduation plans within six months of graduation.

"Over the past few years, we have launched a new model at Career Services that is consistent with the liberal arts education and designed to help students engage in thoughtful self-exploration," said Pulin Sanghvi, the executive director of Career Services at Princeton University. "Our goal is to help students better understand themselves and their interests through new experiences and reflection so they can align with meaningful opportunities not just upon graduation but throughout their lifetime."

Notable findings from the survey of the Class of 2015 include:

  • 70 percent of the Class of 2015 accepted employment within six months of graduation

  • 19 percent pursued further education within six months of graduation

  • Almost 17 percent is employed in nonprofit organizations or in service-based occupations

  • 16 percent reported advice and guidance from alumni helped inform their post-graduation plans

A total of 1,259 of the 1,275 members of the Class of 2015 completed the survey, a response rate of nearly 99 percent.

"The Class of 2015 was the first class to have the opportunity to experience our new model during both their junior and senior years, including an integrated Career and Life Vision program, a new set of learning objectives, expanded alumni engagement opportunities and much more," said Sanghvi.

Approximately 33 percent of graduates accepting full-time employment offers found their positions as a result of Career Services events or postings in the HireTigers online career management system, and 94 percent reported having at least one internship or work experience during their time at Princeton.

Office activity

Career Services assists undergraduates, graduate students and alumni, helping them learn how to use their experiences—classwork, extracurriculars, jobs and internships—to develop a better understanding of their interests and make decisions about next steps based on their evolving motivations. The office serves as a resource in all areas of career planning and professional development including exploring interests, applying to graduate or professional schools and pursuing employment, internships, fellowships and other experiential learning opportunities.

In the 2014-15 academic year, Career Services:

  • Conducted 5,975 career counseling sessions

  • Offered 225 programs and events, drawing 9,475 attendees

  • Hosted employers conducting 4,044 interviews on campus

  • Partnered with over 600 alumni for programs and networking events to help students navigate the career decision-making process

Summer Experience Survey report

The 2015 Summer Experience Survey report provides a summary of student responses to a voluntary online survey about their activities during the summer of 2015 as well as information for academic departments. Summer experiences included internships or summer jobs, volunteer activities, academic/independent research, study and other activities.

Notable highlights include:

  • 78 percent of students reported an internship and/or job as their primary summary experience

  • Educational Services was the top industry for students summer experiences

  • The top U.S. destinations were New York City, Princeton, N.J. and Washington, D.C.  

  • Nearly 30 percent of students spent their summers abroad

The complete 2014-2015 Career Services Annual Report is available here