Advisory board provides insight from graduate students

The Graduate Student Advisory Board pictured with Executive Director Pulin Sanghvi (third from left), Director of External Relations and Operations Eva Kubu (far left) and Associate Director for Graduate Student Career Services Amy Pszczolkowski (far right), are, standing from left, Clifton Granby, David Walsh, James Martin, Dima Gorenshteyn, Michael Hepler, Jessica Williams, Ping Lu and Daniel Choi. Not pictured: Eva Harman, Aaron Kurosu and Shree Tanneti.

To meet the shifting needs of the graduate student population, the Office of Career Services convened a Graduate Student Advisory Board to gather input and provide a more personal counseling approach to a student group that is becoming increasingly interested in a broad range of career fields.

The newly formed group consists of 11 graduate students representing a wide range of academic disciplines and stages of study. The board members were interviewed and selected over the summer in partnership with the Graduate Student Government's Executive Board.

"Supporting the graduate student population is of paramount importance to our organization," said Executive Director of Career Services Pulin Sanghvi. "We are excited to be working with such a dedicated group of graduate students, and I am already appreciative of their unique insights and out-of-the-box ideas."

The 2014-2015 Career Services Graduate Student Advisory Board members include: Daniel Choi, Dima Gorenshteyn, Eva Harman, Michael Hepler, Aaron Kurosu, Ping Lu, James Martin, Shree Tanneti, David Walsh, Clifton Granby and Jessica Williams.

When asked to describe the impact he hoped to have by serving on the inaugural board, Choi said that he wants to help amplify graduate students' voices in the conversation on professional development at the University, bringing the broader discussion of graduate student career prospects to the forefront.

As a first year graduate student, Martin said he hopes to provide Career Services with a unique perspective representing new graduate students who may be seeking to continue their academic careers or explore other possibilities.

Lu says she looks forward to bringing more attention to the range of non-traditional career paths both inside and outside academia, noting the value of interdisciplinary approaches to entrepreneurship opportunities in particular.

"I am ecstatic to partner with this diverse group of talented and energetic graduate students who are invested in helping enhance our offerings and sharing their ideas for the professional development of graduate students at Princeton," said Amy Pszczolkowski, who serves as associate director for graduate student career services and also assisted in selecting the inaugural board. "Their input is extremely valuable, and I have already begun to modify a few of our existing workshops and am developing new ones."

Two more advisory boards are also in the planning stages ─ one for campus partners and one for alumni and employers combined. Each board will provide a vehicle for ongoing stakeholder input that will help inform Career Services' strategic initiatives moving forward.