Career Services Participates in Campus-wide Data Privacy Campaign Teaching Students about the Importance of Online Reputation

Along with several other departments across campus, Career Services participated in the Data Privacy campaign coordinated by the Office of Information Technology in September and October of this year. The campaign was designed with a two-fold educational objective: to teach students how to protect their privacy online as well as how to create a professional online presence. Career Services contributed to the latter objective in several ways: by assisting in the development of educational literature, offering a series of events and workshops, and creating several videos featuring advice from employers and fellow students.

Online Reputation Management Tips

Information distributed to more than a thousand students attending Career Services' events and programs included the handout, "Managing Your Online Reputation: Great 8," developed collaboratively by representatives across campus, which featured the following tips: 

  1. Remember, what you post online becomes public information — it is no longer under your control.Social Media and Your Future
  2. Be strategic about what you share with the world — consider the long term.
  3. Think before you post — today’s rant, practical joke, or flame may come back to haunt you.
  4. Think before you pose — your private video, photo or Snapchat may go public.
  5. Regularly review your contacts, circles, friends and followers — they may not be your BFFs.
  6. Understand your privacy settings and terms of service — service providers often change them.
  7. Monitor your name online — Google yourself and set alerts to avoid surprises.
  8. Protect your online reputation and create your personal brand — your future will thank you.

Employer & Student Insight

Employers attending the General Interest Career Fair hosted by Career Services shared advice in a video about the importance of creating a professional online presence and offered tips what employers look for when searching online for information about prospective employees. Career Services' media intern Christine Wang '14 also produced a video featuring advice from fellow students.

Have you "googled" yourself lately?In addition to workshops on how to use social media in your job search and to develop an online brand, Career Services offered interactive "LinkedIn Labs" for students to learn how to create a LinkedIn account, develop a marketable profile, build upon their current resume, and explore strategies for networking with professionals, employers and alumni. A "LinkedIn Photo Booth" was available at the career fair and more than 250 students had their professional profile photo taken for free. Students can also schedule individual appointments to have their LinkedIn profiles critiqued by a career counselor.

Bottom line: when using social media and online networking tools, it is important to realize that your online persona will shape others’ opinions and perceptions of you — personally and professionally. That makes sound judgment and a smart posting strategy a career essential!


By, Eva Kubu