Class of 2018 to receive subscription to Real World Playbook to aid with post-graduation transition

While the prospect of graduating and pursuing new challenges can be exciting, it is also a common source of stress for seniors. Finding housing, starting a new job or graduate program, navigating health care and other topics that are not generally part of their college experience loom large.

In order to better assist students with this change, the Office of Career Services is partnering with Real World Playbook to provide all members of the Class of 2018 with a subscription to the service beginning April 30, 2018 through August 31, 2018. Members of the Class of 2018 will receive an email Monday, April 30 directly from Real World Playbook with instructions on how to activate their accounts. Seniors should contact with questions related to activating their account. 

Billed as the “GPS for Adulthood,” Real World Playbook is an online resource featuring educational programming, tools, and resources to help students and recent graduates with the transition to life after Princeton. Real World Playbook provides modules covering some of the most pressing areas for new graduates including personal finance, living on your own, health care and starting a new job.

“Navigating the college-to-career transition involves becoming real world ready,” said Eva Kubu, interim executive director of Career Services. “Real World Playbook is a great complement to our mission of preparing students for lives of meaning and success during their time at Princeton and beyond.”

Real World Playbook was founded in 2016 by Genevieve Ryan, a lawyer, MBA and member of Princeton’s Class of 2011. After graduating from law school and starting her career, Ryan realized that while she was prepared for success professionally, topics like personal finances, health care and living situation were a real challenge.   

"Never before has a community existed around this critical time in one’s life," said Ryan. "There’s something unique about this transition - it’s universal but not spoken about, and it’s our mission to start a dialogue that engages, educates and empowers twenty-somethings to succeed when they start out in life."