What We Offer to Students

Overview of Student Services

It is our core belief that career development begins the moment your student arrives on campus. As such, we make a concerted effort to expose them to career resources early and often, throughout their Princeton journey. From navigating major selection and job offers to tapping into Princeton's powerful alumni network, students and alumni are supported through every stage of career development.

A Full Range of Student Resources

Career Services is here to empower your student as they define their future career direction. Encourage them to explore our full suite of tools and resources both now and after they graduate:

  • Career insight: Choosing a major and/or career
  • Self-assessment: Delving into their skills and strengths
  • Networking: Strategies to make connections at Princeton and beyond
  • Campus career events: Hundreds of annual campus career education programs
  • Early experiences: Finding internships or other experiential opportunities
  • Education planning: Preparing for graduate school and professional school
  • Internship and job options: Learning internship and job search strategies
  • Marketing materials: Writing resumes, cover letters and other business correspondence
  • Career advice: Both now and after they land that first position

Although the Office of Career Services does not directly place students in jobs, we teach students the skills they will need throughout their lifetime. We do all we can to encourage students to be active participants in their ongoing career development.

Here for parents, as well.

We encourage your student to make full use of the Career Services resources available to them, and your support in this effort is welcome. We look forward to meeting you whenever you are on campus. The pages of this site are created just for you — with tips and advice to best position your student for ongoing success and achievement.