Your Four-Year Career Action Plan

Your Four-Year Career Action Plan

Your college experience is an important part of the career development process. In fact, it's where it begins. Every class you take and experience you have will build your skills, expand your interests and most of all, inform your goals. 

Chart Your Course

Whether you're just starting out or part of the way through your college career, there are a variety of things you can do to prepare now for your future. 

  • Freshman YearDiscover the connection between career development, major declarations, internships and other activities. 
  • Sophomore Year: Start making decisions that take you further along the path as you continue exploring your options.
  • Junior Year: Zero in on your career goals, land an internship or begin preparing applications for graduate school.
  • Senior YearPlan for graduate/professional school, explore fellowship or one-year options or work on landing your first job.

Come see us.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with a career adviser as early as freshman year. We'll help you make the very most of your academic experience and get you on your way toward planning future success.