Postgraduate Fellowships

Before your begin further study or become permanently employed, you may consider short-term academic or workplace opportunities that last for one or two years. These unique and challenging opportunities can help you further discover your interests and differentiate yourself.

Exploring Fellowships & One- or Two-Year Options

There are two main kinds of postgraduate fellowships

  • Academic: These include opportunities for graduate study or independent research.
  • Workplace: There are many workplace fellowships and one- or two-year options that offer paid placement or funding for working in corporate, public interest or international organizations, among others. Visit Handshake to explore a range of options promoted through the University.

Deadlines for these options begin as early as September of your senior year, so start researching options early to avoid missing out on opportunities.

Princeton-specific Programs

A variety of fellowships are available to Princeton students and postgrads through various University offices and Princeton-affiliated programs. 
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Funding Sources

Funding is available from Princeton-affiliated sources for Princeton students who independently secure unpaid internships, propose special projects or plan to conduct independent research. 
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