Preparing for On-Campus Recruiting

Each fall, organizations from multiple industries come to campus to recruit students for summer internships and full-time entry level positions.

Prep Work

Make an action plan. 

Use this Top Five Tips to Prepare for Fall On-campus Recruiting worksheet to begin to build a customized plan for yourself. 

Research the employer.

  • Attend employer information sessions. Learn about the organization.
  • Search online. Use online resources such as Hoovers and Vault. 
  • Use Handshake. Each organization that recruits on campus has a Handshake profile. If you search their name in the system, you will find a description, website links and more.
  • Get social. Search and follow organizations on social media platforms.

Practice interviewing.

Refine your interview style under lower stakes. Schedule an appointment with a career adviser who can help you prepare for the real thing.

  • Create a pre-interview plan
  • Have your resume critiqued and schedule a mock interview with an adviser. 

On-Campus Recruiting Tips

These simple tips can help you avoid unnecessary stress and have a smooth interviewing experience. Make sure that you review and understand our on-campus recruiting policies.

Avoid back-to-back interviews.

Interviews often run behind, which means you may get out of your first interview later than expected and have even less time to get to the next.

Come prepared.

Always arrive a few minutes early. Bring an extra copy of your resume and cover letter as well as a portfolio with notepaper and a pen. It is helpful to prepare and bring a list of questions for the interviewer.

Follow up with a thank you.

Ask your interviewer for a business card. Then follow up with a brief thank-you. An email is acceptable if you have been corresponding via email previously, or if second interviews are coming up soon. Be sure to find out when you can expect to hear back with news about your interview.