The Interview Process

Interview Process

When it comes down to it, every interview is meant to help potential employers determine if you’re the right fit for the position and organization. Having said that, they can vary dramatically. While it is not always possible to fully know what to expect, insight on interview settings and formats will help you devise your interview strategy.

Strategy Meets Context

Your interview location and format offer important clues regarding how you can prepare. Often phone and/or video interviews precede in-person meetings.

Understand interview settings.

Know the differences in interview formats.

Please note that Princeton University is committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity in all hiring and employment practices. All employment professionals wishing to recruit on-campus or post positions are required to work within a framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing and selection techniques and guidelines. This includes the recruiting and offer policies set forth by The Office of Career Services, the Nondiscrimination Policy of Princeton University, the NACE Principles for Ethical Practice and the United States Department of Labor FLSA Guidelines (as it relates to paid vs. unpaid internships). If you have a concern about an interaction you have had with an employer, please contact please contact Satomi Chudasama, associate director, employer engagement and recruiting, at We look forward to assisting you!