Accept or Decline Offers

Once you have fully considered factors like fit and salary, it is time to accept or decline your offer. If you have any questions or concerns about a job or internship offer you received, please email Satomi Chudasama, associate director, employer relations and recruiting.

How do I accept an offer?

Accept both verbally and in writing. Always do so either before or on the agreed-upon decision deadline date. In your acceptance, reconfirm:

  • The start date
  • Salary
  • Other pertinent information

Next up: Notify other employers.

Once you accept an offer, you should withdraw from all other interviews. Under no circumstances should you renege on a previously accepted offer. This reflects very poorly on both you and Princeton as a whole.

How do I decline an offer?

  • Show appreciation. To decline an offer, express your appreciation, even though it is not the position you’ve decided to pursue.
  • Be timely. Always decline on or before the agreed-upon decision deadline.
  • Follow protocol. If you decline verbally ask if the employer will need a written statement as well.
  • Be professional. You never know when you may cross paths with an employer again.

View Sample Accept and Decline Letters

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