Culinary Arts

Selected Resources

The resources below are a combination of general industry information as well as specific job and internship posting sites for this industry.

  • Brewery Industry Jobs: "Where talent meets opportunity in the brewing industry" - full time & internship postings. 
  • Brew Bound: Beverage and craft beer full-time and internship postings.
  • Chef Jobs Network: Listings for those who wish to be a chef, pastry chef, restaurant/hotel chef, baker, sous chef, line chef, foodservice/restaurant manager or front/back of house professional.   
  • Good Food Jobs: "Satisfying Hunger with Meaningful Work" - full-time & Internship postings.
  • National Hospitality Associates: Daily hospitality job openings. 
  • Full-time and internship postings.

Selected Professional Associations

A professional association is an organization of people who have similar career interests. These membership- based organizations often offer a reduced rate for students that allow access to the many resources they provide. Professional association websites can also offer job/internship databases as well as opportunities to find mentors or other contacts.