Meeting People

Meeting People

Ready to grow your network? Powerful employer connections are closer than you think. Here's how to identify and approach those who can provide valuable career insight and potential opportunity throughout career exploration and beyond.

Make a Strong Introduction

When networking, you will be approaching a variety of people. To make these outreach efforts as effective as possible, it is wise to develop an introduction:

  • Who are you? Introduce yourself and begin to tell your story. Indicate your school and major or concentration. Include whether you have worked on any academic projects related to the field.
  • What sets you apart? Mention internships, work or volunteer experience and two to three unique skills or accomplishments.
  • What are you seeking? Help contacts help you. For example, freshmen might be looking for insight about the field, sophomores and juniors an internship and seniors a full-time job.

30 Second Commercial Begin to tell your story  — start with a quick introduction. 

Throughout your career, you will need to tell your story in a variety of ways. Imagine that you were in an elevator with a recruiter and had only 30 seconds between floors to sell yourself, what would you say? You never know when a networking opportunity may arise, so develop this "elevator pitch" based on your introductory essentials. It will be invaluable during career fairs and other large-scale networking events, but will also come in handy during early conversations with a new contact. 

Prepare to Connect

With your introduction down, there are a number of ways to meet people. Make the most of the resources available to you as a Princeton student in the form of our powerful alumni network.