LinkedIn Alumni Search Tools

LinkedIn Alumni Search ToolsFoster connections that help you mine the experience of past Princeton students, seek career advice and expand your network.

Build Your Profile

If you are not already on LinkedIn, you should be. The site includes more than 238 million professionals and millions of organizations, and some actively recruit there. The relationships you build can be valuable during career exploration and beyond.

Be professional.

Your profile may be the first impression a new contact has of you. We offer valuable tips for profiles that shine. Also reference this handy PDF that LinkedIn created specifically for students. Be sure your profile identifies you as a Princeton student, and highlights your accomplishments and interests.

Leverage the Alumni Network

The University has a very active alumni network. Past students may be willing to offer insights about potential fields and career paths.

Search for Princeton alumni.

  • Find alumni. Look for "Find Alumni" under Network. Princeton should automatically appear. (If not, make sure it is listed in your profile.)
  • Use filters. Select graduation dates to frame your search, and use filters like "where they work" to narrow possible connections.
  • Explain your purpose. Craft a custom connection message. It should briefly explain who you are, mention Princeton and describe why you wish to connect.
  • Join groups. At the bottom of the alumni page, find "join your alumni group." Hundreds of Princeton alumni groups are active on LinkedIn. 

Be targeted.

Have an upcoming interview? See if there are Princeton alumni at the organization who can help you learn more. Curious about a career in a specific industry? Seek an informational interview. As with all networking, be respectful of people's time. 

Research Fields and Organizations

  • Follow organizations of interest. Even a small amount of research can differentiate you when meeting a recruiter.
  • Use the student job search. The tool includes both internships and jobs for recent grads.
  • Learn best practices. The networking skills you develop here have real-world value. Connect, learn and prepare for success.