Networking Events

General Interest Career Fair 2012. Photo by Frank WojciechowskiWhile powerful connections are often formed on a one-to-one basis, there are a number of events at the University and beyond that offer fast-track access to numerous potential contacts. From attending career fairs to exploring industry gatherings, putting yourself out there is a smart career strategy.

Understand the Format

Your self-presentation style at networking events should be professional. While there may be instances where a slightly more casual approach is appropriate — such as a student meeting — you want to be remembered for your career-oriented style.

  • Dress professionally. Not sure what "business casual" means? Err formal.
  • Research first. Before networking events, look into organizations and fields of interest. This drives productive conversations, and can impress new contacts.
  • Stay in touch. Gather contact information to follow up on later. Ideally, mention something you learned from them to establish connection when you do.

Find & Attend Networking Events

Unlike a personal contact request, large career events enable you to meet many people at once and gain multiple perspectives.

Start with Princeton.

We sponsor events throughout the year, from behind-the-scenes alumni career presentations to networking events. Student groups related to your interests can connect you with other Princeton students as well. Part of planning your career is defining what interests and motivates you. Explore networking events>

Expand your search.

From company-sponsored meet-ups for young professionals to large conferences and events for specific industries, attend events that connect to your interests. Many conferences have student rates. 

Seeking other ideas? Meet with us to discuss your interests and devise a customized approach.