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Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. Last Name [if you are unsure of gender, omit salutation and write full name]:

Opening paragraph: 

  • State immediately the position you are pursuing and how learned about it. If you were referred by an alum or other contact, mention this as well. If you are not aware of a specific position, state your area of interest.
  • Briefly introduce yourself by stating your major and degree anticipated.
  • Tell the employer briefly (one or two sentences) why you are interested in the position and their organization. Avoid generic reasons that are taken directly from the organization’s website.

Middle paragraph(s): 

  • Explain the relevant skills you have developed for the job through your coursework, activities, or work experience. Highlight those that would be of most interest to the organization and would enable you to contribute to the organization.
  • Show a “match” between your background and the main requirements of the position. It is important to use examples.
  • Demonstrate that you have knowledge about a position, organization, and industry/field and that your interests, experiences, and skills are a fit.

NOTE: If you are writing a general letter of inquiry, explain why you are interested in learning more about that career field.

Last paragraph: 

  • State that you have included (or attached) your resume and would welcome an interview to further discuss this opportunity.
  • If you need to explain anything out of the ordinary on your resume, this is the place to do it.
  • You may offer to follow up by phone with the recruiter in two weeks if you do not hear from them before that time.
  • Finish by thanking the employer for their time and consideration and offer to provide any additional information.  



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